Granite Memorials | Marble Memorials


Memorials remind us of loved ones and the importance of their lives. You can choose it’s slab material to cover the grave site and can also incorporate a headstone or plaque into it. Some of the materials used for memorials are stainless steel, marble and granite.

You can design a memorial using similar materials for its headstone and slab or combine two types like having coloured granite headstone on a granite memorial.

There are some important points to remember while designing memorials:


The exposed material surrounding the grave perimeter is the kerb which is made of solid granite, marble or any strong material. Sometimes it may be concrete with a thin granite or marble layer. We however recommend solid granite for its longevity, beauty and low maintenance.

While kerbs are usually mounted on a concrete footing or foundation which can’t be seen, some cemeteries insist that its reinforced steel concrete bored piers foundation should reach the grave’s depth. If the cemetery permits, you can grow a garden in the kerbs’ confines.

Ledger panel

This is a full slab of material installed on the kerbing to cover the grave opening. While it is usually made of at least 50 mm thick solid granite, it can also be of marble or some strong material. It can be made joining smaller panels together, but should be self-supporting.


Headstones carry the inscription and are mounted on the ledger panel. The inscription can be sand blasted directly into the ledger face, laser etched, provided as a plaque attached to the ledger panel or mounted on a stand attached the ledger panel or kerb. 

Flower holders

Some memorials have optional cubes in various styles, anywhere on it, even on the headstone base. While standard shaped and styled headstones or plaques are always available, you can also design your own using the exclusive design section of our website. However as memorials are built based on different variables, please contact us directly or email us to help you with your customization.

Family owned and operated, Madani Memorials cares deeply about the families we serve. We will help you design a custom headstone, memorial or monument as a permanent tribute for your loved one.

You deserve nothing less than excellent, compassionate customer service, excellent design, and trustworthy manufacturing when seeking the right company to preserve the memories of your loved one. In moments such as these, you deserve and should expect the best.

Over the years we have worked on projects large and small, from memorial plaques for your garden to large memorials. Each design request is different and we will strive to create your memorial with professional taste, and precise attention to detail.

Madani Memorials granite, marble and stone sculptors are here to bring your vision to life. Whether you prefer to work on your design in the comfort of your home or you would like to schedule an appointment with our specialist, we are here to make this process as easy as possible. We understand that when you contact us it's a difficult time.

We offer a large selection of quality headstones & memorials  (granite and marble) at affordable prices. We use only the best granite to make our headstones and memorials and we employ some of the best craftsmen in the Yorkshire area to provide you with a granite memorial of the finest quality available.

Muslim Headstones | Islamic Headstones

At Madani Memorials we specialise in the needs of the Islamic community, supplying a range of beautiful headstonesand memorials to suit every need and budget. We have been supporting families in creating lasting tributes for their loved ones for many years. We can create beautiful carved text in Arabic, Urdu and English. 

If you are unable to visit us at our showroom, our representatives will be pleased to call on you without any obligation to order, we can show samples of various materials and offer advice as to the layout and wording of your choice. 

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.